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The best way for me to “About” myself is by creating a fairly simple timeline of my life.

1988-sister k born.
1989-brother t born.
elementary years-met am, dq, and others.
2000-middle school. met xt, and others that probably won’t be mentioned.
2002-high school. met jt, jj.
2005-summer before senior year i got pregnant.
jan 2006-early graduation from high school.
march 2006-had baby j.
may 2006-high school graduation.
july 2006-got married to a psycho.
june 2007-had baby t.
2008-2009-college. met sb.
march 2010-started itt tech.
aug 2010-divorced (finally) from psycho.
jan 2011-got my job in-field.
july 2011-went to minnesota for the first time. now i want to move there.
march 2012-graduated itt tech (valedictorian)
april 2012-had baby al.
june 2012-got married to ml.
november 2012-found out jt has cancer.
present day.


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