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I wish there were an implant for meds.

I suck at taking my medicine.

The best thing about the Mirena IUD is that I do not have to ever think about it. I just have to go to OBGYN at my 30th birthday, take it out, get a new one. Repeat 5 years later. How simple is that?

I didn’t pass my doctor’s mental health screening (does anyone really?) and he has sent me on a wild goose chase to “get better.” Sure, I could probably use some mood stabilizers, but I am not over here trying to kill myself or threatening people. I keep to myself and I wish that were fine.

So, back on Prozac and Risperdal. He threw in Trazodone, but that’s not helping at all. And I finally got a prescription to get more Imitrex also, which for the first time ever did not work on Friday. I’ve never had a migraine that did not subside with 50 mg of Imitrex. But I also keep getting worse and worse with the pain and severity. I really wish they had some testing they could do while someone is having a migraine to pinpoint the issue and see if it’s fixable.

So far I have forgotten Prozac twice and Risperdal three times. I’m not forgetting the Trazodone, but it’s not working anyways so I have no idea why I am taking it.

But the ARNP shrink is actually pretty darn awesome. He gave me a reading list, two houses to swing by and look at (we share a love for charming architecture), a contact for a job lead, and gave me the names of some really awesome art galleries to go to. On top of that he has ordered me to write a book.

The only people who have ever told me that are two of my ex-husband’s other victims. One before me and one after me. We didn’t even get to the subject of Mr. Sociopath.

Off I go to clean this house while the kids are gone for another hour or so.


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