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Hateful. Evil. B*tch.

It’s a shame, really. I used to be a very nice, clever, fun girl.

Then it happened. I met *him.* I won’t call him out by name, because the good Lord knows he will find pleasure in that sick mind of his, as he is constantly stalking and waiting for another pounce in his delusional cat-and-mouse game.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think I’m still nice, clever, and fun. But I have a breaking point these days. It’s called: “bullshit.”

I do not put up with bullshit anymore.

I also do not put up with emotionally abusive, physically abusive, rude, obnoxious men. AKA: my ex-husband. I absolutely cannot stand him.

And he has turned me into a hateful, evil, bitch. To. The. Core.

This morning I jumped on the computer to read the news and drink my Shakeology. I saw a headline: “Pacific man dies in one-vehicle crash.” Before my ex-husband, that would make me sad. Fascination of the abomination would take over, and I’d read it to be sure it was nobody I know. These days, I see something like that and think, “Ooooh, fun – I hope it was *****!” Only to read it and be sad for the person who died because surely they are not a worse person than Psycho.


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