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Don’t like it.

Well, yesterday was an absolute disaster.

My son turned eight, and he’s been spending the week at my parent’s house and down at our property for Spring Break.

He came home last night for a birthday party.

But… apparently we didn’t pay our electric bill this month and they shut us off.

Of course!

My luck!

The ice cream was melted completely.

The milk was warm.

I’d just gone to the grocery store and spent $300 on food – most of which was ruined.

We had a birthday party in the dark.

It was an absolute disaster.

The sparkler candles I bought didn’t even sparkle.

Oh well, he got presents and cake – he was happy.

I hope.

We stayed in a dive motel last night.

It was OK but I’d have rather been at home.

I went to pay the electric bill this morning…

They didn’t want to accept one of the $100 bills because it was a misprint and it was a new bill, so they accused me of having a counterfeit.

I protested, and a manager allowed the bill.

Thank God.

I called Ameren UE.

They saw I’d made more than the agreed payment of $274 so they were happy about that and scheduled the electric service to be reconnected.

I pray they turn it on today and don’t make us wait until Monday.

I’m hoping that since I got it paid first thing this morning and didn’t wait until 3 pm or some other nonsense that they’ll get to me today.

When I got to work this morning someone had been at my desk messing with stuff.

My coaster I brought from home is a glass one and you can put a picture in it.

I never use it for anything except a coaster because I’m constantly using it.

It was sitting upright against the wall like a picture would be.

My hand sanitizer which I use religiously was turned around backwards.

It was just odd.

I don’t see why anyone would be using my computer, let alone be at my desk, and even further be messing around with my stuff.


I don’t like it – I don’t like it one bit.

Oh well.



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