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WellI finally did it. I got the tattoo I’ve been wanting. Two blue hearts and a pink heart. For each of my kids. Just below my wrist joint on the inside, so basically the very end of my inside forearm.

I was nervous that it was going to look like shit – the tattoo artist I wanted to have do it wasn’t there and I didn’t call ahead to make an appointment with him, so I knew I was taking a big gamble right there. But it turned out just as I wanted. So that’s awesome.

Funny thing, our friend who owns the shop actually showed up right before I was about to get my tattoo. He is opening a new shop within walking distance (like 2 doors away or something) and my husband left with him to go look at it. I was kind of pissed that my husband left me there to get my first tattoo all by myself, but it wasn’t nearly as painful as I’d thought it’d be. Our friend came to the back where I was getting tattooed mid-way through the session and asked how much they were charging me. “The minimum,” the Artist replied. (Which is $75.) Our friend replied, “I’ll pay your cut – give it to her.” So that was super awesome! I totally did not expect that one bit.

So not only did I get my first tattoo, but it was free (for me anyway)! My husband is kind of paying for it becuase he’s actually going to work on getting the new shop built. So that’s really cool. I’m hoping that he will take pictures, I want him to start taking pictures of his work for a portfolio/work gallery to show customers. He does really awesome work and 95% of all the work he does is super custom work, not your average run-of-the-mill stuff. Plus all the pictures he has are residential so having some commercial work proof will do him some good.

I wanted to hit the gym this morning but I feel a bit dead to the world, so I think I may just go out and buy my son his birthday present instead. I have to be at my mom’s church no later than noon to pick them up, and it’s 9 already.

Over and out!

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