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Is it possible?

Is it possible to miss people you have never met before?

I miss my Grandma. But not in a way that I think most people would miss their grandma… I’ve never met mine. You see, she passed away over twenty years before I was born. She never got to watch my Dad grow up, because she lost the battle against pancreatic cancer.

I am confident that she thought of me before she passed, just as I’m confident she thought of my Mom, my cousins, et cetera. I know she thought about us in a longing way… I know she wished she’d have been around to watch Dad grow up, get married, and start a family. What mother wouldn’t think about that as she passed away? I know I would.

I feel connected to her in a way that I cannot truly explain. I always have… Ever since I was a small child.

I visit her grave when I yearn for her guidance, when I need an escape from the world around me. I go to her grave, and I sit there. Usually I cry, sometimes I talk to her. My grandpa is there, right beside her. But it’s my grandma I feel a connection with.

Tonight I really missed her. I caught myself thinking, “Gosh, I really wish Grandma was still around to meet my kids. She’d just love them.” And then it hit me – that question:

Can you love and miss someone whom you have never met?

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