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People are crazy

People are crazy. I can’t stand people and that’s why I prefer to be alone just me and my kids.

My “uncle” and his wife split up – for good this time.

She’s been telling me for weeks I could have one of the family heirlooms which is an old secretary desk.

Well, now all of a sudden there’s this big elaborate story about how his wife’s dad traded my mom and dad for it.

Which is total fucking bullshit.

She claimed last night at 9:30 PM that she was too stressed to babysit today, which left me hanging late at night with no sitter so I could go to work.

Luckily my old sitter pulled through.

How do you fire your family from babysitting?

It’s such a tough spot, but my old sitter offered to babysit at the same price my ‘Aunt’ is babysitting …

And there’s absolutely no drama over there.

I need a stiff drink and a smoke.

Oh wait, I don’t drink or smoke. Damn the luck.

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