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Migraine Schmigraine

I get these random migraines. They wake me in the middle of the night. Tylenol nor aspirin get rid of them. Neither does Excedrin Migraine or Advil.

I used to have prescription strength medication for them. The doctor that finally diagnosed me told me that it’s a medical no-no to call them vascular cluster headaches, but that it’s what I have. Apparently vascular headaches “don’t exist” in the medical community anymore.

I don’t have health insurance right now – I lost Medicaid (finally) last week and my new insurance through work doesn’t go into effect until November first. Go figure.

My desk is a cluttered mess of green tea, Pepsi, and water right now. I think this migraine is because I haven’t eaten since 6 pm yesterday, but I have no appetite. It’s so damn hard to eat when I have no appetite.

Anyhow, the migraine is finally subsiding.

Thank God.

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