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Just another day at the office

It’s just another day at the office.

Of course, last night I stayed up until after midnight working on plans for a dog house for our puppy. You see, I have a mid-size SUV but that’s just not enough when we go camping for an entire weekend or God forbid when we go on vacation. Last time we took him on a 12-hour drive he was a little puppy, could sit on the kids’ laps. That was in June. Now, four months later, he takes up the entire backseat.

Normally, we throw our stuff into 2 suitcases, throw the kids into the backseat, suitcases against the back of the cargo area, and the dog fits just fine back there. But he’s getting bigger, and we want to go more places. Minnesota, Rhode Island, Florida… and that will not be good for the dog because he’d have about one square foot of room back there – we’d have at least four suitcases, a cooler for drinks/food on the way, toys, pillows, etc. Not room for a big ol’ Labrador.

So, I set out last night to design a mobile dog house for him. Something we can hook up and go; something we can use for a long time; and something cute. What I’ve come up with is a 3’ x 5’ doghouse. It’s bolted securely to a 4×6 single axle trailer, and has a door and a window. Of course, I’m going to price out siding as well. I’ve even gone so far as to consider a tiny solar panel for a nightlight for him.

One 4×6 trailer: $2,000

One 24×24 sliding window: $38

Custom door: $35

Lock for door: Closed Bar Holder: $5/each – $10

2×4 for door reinforcement: $2.50 (I’ll have Husband router the edges so it’s nice and cute.

2x4x8 for studs: $2.50/ea – $17.50

Siding: $9.50/ea – $76

Plywood sheathing: $9.75/ea – $39

Shingles: Free (we have an entire garage full of them)

Miscellaneous (bolts, screws, nails, etc): $100

Total: $2,318

I think it’s worth the $2500 to keep the dog separate from us on long trips. First of all, he’s less of a distraction. Secondly, the kids won’t be messing with him. Third, he won’t stink up my car. J

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