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The Mirena IUD

Hair is disgusting, and I have a lot of it.

I’ve got this massive mane covering my head and I just hate it. Granted, I will probably never go bald (knock-on-laminate [hey, it’s all I have here!]).

The good thing was that I never had to shave my legs. I was blessed with superfine blonde (leg/arm) hair and that meant I could get away with shaving once a week (if that).

Then I had Youngest. And then I got the Mirena IUD.

I’ve had a lot of side effects from it: migraines, spotting/amenorrhea, no periods at all (which I am not complaining about that one!), discharge (TMI I know right, but hey the word needs to get out that these side effects affect a LOT of people!), clotting, depression/mood swings, weight GAIN, severe acne, and even hair growth.

· Migraines

· I never once had a migraine until I got the Mirena. One was so bad that I actually had to leave work and go to the Urgent Care, where they literally held me hostage in a dark room and gave me medicine to fix my head.

· Spotting/amenorrhea

· Once in a while my monthly girl stuff will start, then stop, then start again, which is quite frustrating. More of an inconvenience than something I’d actually call a “side effect” though it can be quite bothersome.

· No Periods

· My doctor “warned” me about this. The only problem with this is when you go to the doctor and the first thing they ask you is, “What was the first day of your last menstrual period?” And you look back at them with a blank stare – ½ because you’re there for a flu and ½ because you truly have no idea. So you reply, “Uhh… I don’t know. But I’m definitely not pregnant,” and quickly recover with, “I have the Mirena.”

· Discharge

· This happened when I first got the Mirena inserted. I thought there was seriously something wrong. I went to the doctor, and he assured me that I was okay. It wasn’t quite like an infection or anything like that. I can’t quite describe it. But it was fckn weird and I did not like it. Very glad that didn’t continue.

· Clotting

· Some women are lucky b*tches and don’t have clotting after they have a baby. But I was not that fortunate. And then with the Mirena, I was spazzing at the amount of clotting that I had. I also went back to the doctor for this. I expected some minor clotting, due to the fact it was a rod shoved inside my body, but the clots were scary-big and I was uncomfortable. Again, my doctor assured me they’d dissipate, and they did.

· Depression/Mood Swings

· Minor issues when I first got the Mirena. Was probably a mix of baby blues (looking back I’m positive I had PPD for quite some time) and hormones shifting. Did send me to the shrink though – but I didn’t want to take Prozac and buspirone, so I just bucked up and got over it myself.

· Weight Gain

· I have been unable to lose weight no matter how hard I’ve tried. This is odd for me, because when I try to lose weight, I have succeeded 100% of the time in the past. Not only have I been trying really hard, but I’ve actually GAINED weight. Again, a side effect of the Mirena. Not cool.

· Severe Acne

· I never had acne problems as a kid/teen. Never. Now I have the worst acne imaginable (to me). It’s painful and it lasts for months. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve got a dermatology appointment for this very problem. I’m hoping there’s something I can get to combat it – but we’ll see.

· Hair Growth

· After I got the Mirena, my hair started growing like crazy. Unfortunately it wasn’t the hair on my head. It’s all the hair on my body. If I don’t shave my pits twice a day, my husband pokes fun at me (which further depresses me as there’s nothing I can do about it). My leg hair has turned a mix of coarse black and fine blonde and also grows like there is no tomorrow.

So, the big question is: Do I have this wonderful no-more-kids implant removed from my body and get back to normal, or do I suffer until I’m 30?

6 thoughts on “The Mirena IUD

    • agreed. calling dr p in the AM to hopefully get an appointment sooner than later. also have a dermatology appointment soon to hopefully stop my face from killing itself when i crash after the mirena comes out. have you read about that? theres actually this thing calle the Mirena Crash. fckn terrifying. my nly issue is that I really do not want any more kids and M refuses to go get the big V.

      • It’s so difficult for me, because it’s like – I know without a doubt that I absolutely do not want any more kids. Baby 3 nearly killed me, a number of times, and sometimes I feel like I’m already too old for this shit. My teeth went to shit during my last pregnancy, and going to the dentist scares the crap out of me. The fact I’ll be paying $600/month in health/dental/vision is motivating me to go though. I skipped my last appt to have my teeth cleaned, so now I’m dreading it even more. I know a couple people who literally lost all their teeth due to terrible pregnancies, no matter how much they brushed and how well they took care of their teeth. Now I’m too paranoid after A sucked the life out of me, literally. But then, even though all of this, I just can’t bring myself to get my tubes tied. It’s TOO final for me. But at the same time, it’s like, I think: “Why do I think that this is ‘too final’…? I keep making all the points about not wanting anymore kids, and no points toward ever even thinking about wanting more, so why won’t I just do it?”

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