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Family time

So back in late May or early June, Groupon had a coupon (groupon) for the JC Penney Portrait Studio. For $25 you got two prints of any photos, three of the same or other prints on CD, and free sitting fees. Today was the last day to use the groupon, so luckily I got us an appointment. I was able to upgrade our package and pay $80 for all the photos we took on CD.

So I took off work a little early and picked up Critter. We went to Target and got Husband a gray shirt to match the boys, and then I got Critter a pair of gray slacks and a gray cardigan. So the boys wore khakis and gray polos and the girls wore gray slacks and khaki shirts. We were cute. I even bought Critter a fake pearl necklace which she wore without a fuss and big girl hoop earrings! She even kept her gray sparkle headband on during the family photos.

After that we went out to dinner and had a good time.

All in all it was great to just be a family.

When we got home, Husband went to put his change in his coin bank. It was gone.

Turns out, a “friend”of his was helping him out today. That same friend stole his coin bank with over $70 in it. When we called the police we found out that this person has two pages of burglary and theft charges.

Go figure.

Now I’m worried that he was casing our house, not helping Husband. Tomorrow I am going to go get a safety deposit box to hold our valuables like social security cards, jewelry, etc. I’m going to back up the computer tonight as well. Most of what we do have is replaceable, but things like my pearl and diamond ring or my grandmother’s jewelry from the 50s is not.

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