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Finally, finally, finally!

After nearly five months of working through the temp agency (which I was tricked into doing), I am FINALLY a real employee. Well, starting this coming Monday anyhow.

I’m excited. Benefits, holiday pay, and the number one thing I’m super excited about:


Once my health benefits at work kick in (and my deductible is paid), I will no longer rely on the state to help me get my kids shots, etc.

However, that does mean that midnight runs to the ER at the children’s hospital will be outrageously expensive. But I think we can work with that.

I’m so glad my husband will finally have health insurance.

He’s self-employed and we just can’t afford those plans on our own.

I’ve been stuck on the welfare train for far too long. Every time I tried to get off it, I got screwed. Either I’d make too much money but not have access to healthcare benefits, or I’d be in school too much and not working enough, or SOMETHING.

Being on welfare is the most stressful thing in the world. First, they make you feel like shit for just asking for help. Then, when you do start to get on your feet, they pull the rug out from under you so that you have to rely on them. It’s a vicious cycle.

But this time I took the advice of one of my past caseworkers and didn’t tell my current caseworker that I was working. The past caseworker said I only had to bring it up if I made over $2,000 per month. And yes, I was making $2130 after taxes, but oh well. I had no access to healthcare anyhow, so it’s not like I was cheating the system – I was going to get it anyhow because I had no affordable access to healthcare for my kids. I just saved myself a headache is all.

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