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The 3:30 AM Migraine

I shot awake this morning with a migraine so terrible I just wanted my head to explode.

I managed to get out of bed and get to the kitchen to take some extra strength aspirin. We’ll see what happens. I had some vicaprofen, but my husband took it and didn’t leave me any. I’m sure his back does hurt, but my totally random headaches hurt me, too. Selfishness it is. Him, not me. Next time I get some migraine medicine I’m not even going to tell him about it. I’m just going to stick it in my nightstand drawer and pretend as though it doesn’t exist. (And throw one in my wallet too, since I never know when these suckers are going to sneak-attack me.)

Surprisingly, I think my head is starting to feel better. Either that, or I’m just awake more now.

I wish I knew some natural remedies that actually worked for ridding terrible headaches. Do warm baths really work? I heard a warm/hot bath will help significantly by helping the blood flow through your entire body. It’s relaxing, too. I bet that would help (psychologically, at least).

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