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Hours in the day

There are not enough hours in the day.

Here I sit at work, pounding away at the keyboard on my lunch break.

(I really should go outside.)

Lunch: Pepsi. Maybe a snack if I decide to go to the vending machine.

(I really shouldn’t.)

(Those Rice Krispies are calling my name…)

(No, I really shouldn’t.)

This Pepsi tastes weird. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been drinking much soda lately, and what I do have at home is Wild Cherry Pepsi. Yum.

I really need to start bringing my lunch to work again. I do that in phases, sometimes I’ll go six months without eating lunch. Hmm. Someday. Maybe I’ll buy myself a cute lunchbox on Friday/this weekend to pack a lunch in. Which reminds me, I also need to buy a 1” binder, some more frames, maybe a large one for one of the great art papers my sister bought for us two Christmases ago, a small plant (maybe a cactus or succulent), and a new pot for my croton.

And I also need to go through the books at home and get out the Dear America journals that are for boys, Oldest needs something productive to do. I’ll make some book plates at work and stick them on the inside.

I also need to find some pictures of Husband and I to put at my desk to scare the creeps away – haha, KIDDING. But I really need to put something else in my two adorable little frames I scored at the Dollar Tree. Maybe I’ll go by there and look for some cute small frames for the mantle as well… Hmm…

Speaking on mantle, I think I want to design a wall shelf for Husband to make for me. I’ll paint it black or dark brown and put some of my unicorn collection on it. I have so many – and I refuse to put any of them up. They fill up my china cabinet and my fireplace mantel… which is a two-tier mantel. (sigh…)

I also need to get a few large 8×10 frames for photos.

Oh hell, speaking of photos, we need to use the Groupons I bought!

I wish Mike had some pictures of his family that he’d let me put up. Everything in the house is my family only. Ugh.

Back to work now… before someone realizes I’m blogging instead of working… Gee, I love this email to post thing!


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