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Money. When I figure our budget, we always have enough to put some away in our savings account. But when it comes to paying the bills, we never have enough money in the bank.

Why is that?

I’m not one to spend money. I don’t go out to eat. I don’t get my hair or nails done. I don’t smoke or do drugs. I don’t even go out with my girlfriends… ever.

So where does the money go?

For once, I spent some money today. Well, it was a little more than “some.” I bought curtains and a rod for the front window because I’d finally had enough of the Cars 2 beach towel hanging across half the window. I also decided that I’m going to turn this house into a home. I love my house, and I’ll be saved if I don’t move on from the past and don’t make it our own.

Well that decision cost me $90. Ouch. How? My husband asked the same question. Here, let’s break it down:

(Mind you it’s a 60″ wide x 74″ tall window)

Curtain rod: $20 ($20)
Set of two striped curtain panels: $20 ($40)
(2) Solid color coordinating panels: $10/each ($60)
(3) Picture frames $3.33/each ($70)
(1) Ninjago Battles game for Nintendo DS (Middle bought it with his own money, but he’s going to pay me back): $20 ($90)

In the picture frames I put a 5×7 of each kid from when they were newborns. I’m going to put them on the fireplace mantle tomorrow.

Each week I’m going to start doing something to spruce up the house.

I have a list going:
1) Paint the front door
2) Patch the dirt area in yard where tree used to be
3) Buy drywall, lumber, and miscellaneous materials for our bedroom
4) Pick out a good neutral color for bedroom that isn’t brown (I’m thinking a romantic gray)
5) Buy materials to finish Critter’s room, including neutral paint.
6) Buy tile for front entry
7) Buy replacement doors for kitchen cabinets
8) Kill ivy at garage
9) Buy new door for garage, including new opener
10) Buy new dining room set (new table-circular, and small buffet/China cabinet)
11) Buy battery powered scones for hallways
12) Buy flooring for dining room/kitchen
13) Buy paint for downstairs
14) Remove hill from backyard
15) Replace retaining wall with stone
16) New Windows in Critter’s room
17) New front window
18) New basement door
19) Finish pantry
20) Buy a new bed

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