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Book Review: “Finding Emma” by Steena Holmes

Title: Finding Emma
Author: Steena Holmes
Platform: Kindle
Price: $4.99

Start Date: August 8, 2013
End Date: August 10, 2103
Elapsed Time: ~3 hours.

Main Characters: Emma, Megan, Hannah, Alexis, Peter, Laurie, John, Dottie, Mary, Detective Riley, Sam, Sherri.
Emma: Missing 3 year old.
Megan: Emma’s mother.
Hannah: Emma’s eldest sister.
Alexis: Emma’s older sister.
Peter: Father to Emma, Hannah, and Alexis. Megan’s husband.
Laurie: Megan’s best friend.
John: Emma’s kidnapper’s husband. Mary’s father.
Dottie: Emma’s kidnapper. Mary’s mother.
Mary: Young woman who ran away from home at an early age. Became addicted to drugs and lived in/out of rehab houses.
Detective Riley: Detective on the case regarding Emma’s kidnapping. Old love interest of Megan.
Sam: Short for Samantha. Peter’s sexy business partner.
Sherri: Daycare provider who lives next door to John & Dottie.

Emma is 3 years old. One day she is kidnapped from her yard. She goes to live with Dottie and John, who believe Emma to be their granddaughter. Emma is a happy little girl, content with her dog Daisy and playing with dandelions in her yard. She loves her Papa (John), drawing, and baking.

The story begins at the 2-year ‘anniversary’ of Emma’s disappearance. Megan is a wreck, her marriage on the brink of divorce, and her daughters are feeling like Megan loves Emma more than them.

Megan sees Emma in every little blonde-haired girl she sees. Emma’s ‘ghost’ ‘haunts’ Megan throughout the book. Peter is annoyed and disheartened with Megan’s persistent efforts to search for their daughter.

Just as Peter suggests a memorial for Emma, things… change.

Finding Emma is a story about hope, fear, motherhood, marriage, and unconditional love.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a heartwarming story drenched in hope and love.

Get it from Amazon.com here.

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