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My house hasn’t been this clean in a while… and it’s still far from spotless.

I almost want to take a picture of it, it’s so clean.

I didn’t dust or mop, but I did sweep and vacuum – that’s a start, right!?

Middle did not want to go to baseball practice this evening, so we stayed home and cleaned. I can actually see the kitchen table and counters! I can even count the things on them: salt/pepper/hot sauce/napkins, watermelon/cookie jar/coffee pot/cooking utensil holder/knives. That’s it! The dishwasher is running (yes it’s loaded to the maximum capacity – what else is new!?). The wash is running (again, max load haha). Kids are in bed (Youngest isn’t even screaming!). Husband is on his way home (and even stopping to grab me a fountain Pepsi). House smells like Glade’s Cotton Candy air freshener (my husband’s idea). I even wiped down the computer area (hadn’t done that in about 6-8 months…)! The only thing I’m bummed about is that our wireless router died… so I can’t really use my kindle right now. I could, however, read a book… since that’s what I wanted it for anyhow! 😀

Cell phones. Who has a dinosaur phone anymore? Nobody, it seems. I’m thinking about downgrading to one. I hardly ever use my phone to begin with, and when I do it’s only talk/text. I don’t use the apps anymore…

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