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Bills suck.

So, for over two months my husband told me that if I could get the week of July 4th off, he’d pay for my gas to go to Florida to see my grandparents.

Well, he’s not following through on that promise, which in turn is really screwing me. I told him I’d split it with him, he agreed to that. That meant $200 each, which was doable for me.

He ended up making me pay for the entire trip. Now my bank account is down to $13.46 and I have the family’s YMCA membership coming out on Monday for $70. He is refusing to help me pay it. He uses it more than I do. I also have to pay all the bills now that I’m working. He doesn’t pitch in at all.

I’m getting really sick of his crap.

It’s 7:20, time to go to work.

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