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Oh boy

We got home from Florida this morning at 2 a.m.

I went down there with three kids and a dog.

I came home with two kids and a dog.

My grandma was asking if Oldest could come spend the summer down there since before school let out. I was all for it. Except, they had some health issues going on and I wasn’t sure if they could handle an ADHD 7 year old. They are 73 & 81 years old. I will give it to them though, they are active and I haven’t noticed them “losing it” mentally.

Well, Oldest had to choose between sports or going down there for the summer. He really wanted to play baseball, so I let him. Well, baseball sucks…through the YMCA.

We were literally loaded up, ready to go home, and walking to the car when my grandma asked if he could stay.

Five minutes later, I was in the car with only two kids and a dog. All his things were packed already, save for his swimming trunks he was wearing, a t-shirt, and his sandals. Luckily I’d received child support that very morning, so I gave my grandma $100 (1/2 the child support), which she refused to take until I stated, “Take it. It’s not coming out of my pocket, it’s child support that was paid by his terrible father. It is meant for underwear, toothbrushes, and the water bill. Take it. Your utilities aren’t used to a little kid who leaves lights on, takes long showers, and Lord knows that pool is going to get dirty with a little boy swimming in it after he rolls around in the dirt trying to catch bull frogs.” And then she finally took it.

I do have to admit, it was hard leaving him behind. I was worried mostly that he was going to run my grandparents ragged and give them heart attacks. Then my husband told me, “He’ll be okay. I was flying on planes when I was in kindergarten.” Which made me think, “He’s coming home on a PLANE!? By himself!? No no no no no.” I agreed, expressed my reservations about child trafficking and abduction, and then pretended to let it go. But I will be making a trip down there to pick him up. And that time I’ll be renting a car for the weekend, not putting the miles on my own car.

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