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I have driven myself to complete exhaustion.

On Sunday evening I had a headache. At 6 pm I took three 500 mg Tylenol. I know the bottle says 2, but 3 usually does the trick. At 11:30 pm I took 3 more.

Monday morning rolled along and I still had a dull headache. So, I took 3 more. It started to get worse at 9:15, so I took 4 Extra Strength Tylenol.

My headache quickly became unbearable. I got sick. I passed out.

I drove to Urgent Care right down the street. I barely made it – I was beyond sick and dizzy.

Shots, dissolvable medicine, and a lecture on medication dosages and how terrible acetaminophen is for my body. I felt better. It was the shot I got that really did the trick.

My blood sugar was low. My blood pressure was sky high. The doctor held me hostage until I could convince him that I was better.

I was done today until 6:30 and my body crashed again. Quickly. I got to my aunt’s house, and she took my blood sugar. Low again. I could hardly keep my eyes open. Her husband gave me some ice cream. My blood sugar went back up.

I still felt terrible, but I was able to make it home with the kids. Husband had made dinner. I ate a tiny bit and felt a little better.

I sat down on the couch to knit at about 10. I fell right to sleep. I woke up suddenly, and now I’m in bed, exhausted.

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