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Why am I so damn busy?

I never thought life would be this hard once I got a job. Damn.

I wake up at 6, get ready for work, get the kids up by 7, get them ready for the babysitter, rush out the door at 8, speed like a bat out of hell to the babysitter, chit-chat and get annoyed there, speed like hell to work, and I’m usually ten minutes late.

I *hate* being late.

I get off work at 4:30. I get to the sitter at 5:10ish. I get sucked into listening to her complain about how awful my children are, and I leave there around 6. I get home at 7 pm. We eat dinner at 8. We go to bed.


Saturdays are no different. We get up at the asscrack of dawn, go to baseball games, then come home. By then it’s noon and to me, the day is shot.

Today after baseball games we went to go buy Father’s Day gifts. $200 later, we got 4 fishing lures, a rod sleeve, a cute coffee mug (the handle is a branch and it’s got a squirrel on it and the words, “This Place Is Nuts!”)

Here comes the husband.



Enter a few times so he doesn’t see what we bought.

Oh great, he’s “done for the day.” Must stop blogging then.

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