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Summer is almost here.

The kids get out of school on Friday. I am so ready. Pool, here we come.

I signed Critter up for gymnastics. I signed myself up for spinning. I’m going to try and talk my husband into obligating himself to the gym as well.

Baseball starts in two weeks!

Wednesdays and Saturdays we have baseball. Fridays is gymnastics. Sunday mornings is spinning. My plan is to go to the pool at least every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. It will be good for my non-existent tan and for the kids to wear themselves out and have fun.

I bought beach towels for everyone, along with a beach tote and sunscreen. I bought the boys diving sticks (thank you child support). The boys didn’t even ask for swimming trunks, which surprised me. However, they each still have at least three pair of trunks from last year that still fit great.

I’m really hoping for another child support check next month. It’s SO doubtful, and I truly doubt I’ll get one. I’m positive that the one I got this month was a tax garnishment. But hey – oh well! I am just glad I finally got one. The 15th won’t be here for 3-1/2 weeks, but oh well. We are getting along just fine. I’m just so happy to have been able to let the kids have the pool membership, pool toys/towels/etc., and baseball.

It’s so nice to see them smile.

I’m off to bed – starting to yawn a bit too much.

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