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‘Tis the Season

My oh my, I had nearly forgotten how hectic summertime is. I’ve gotten so used to just picking up and taking off to Florida or Minnesota whenever I want – having a job that keeps you stuck at home is really a drag. But, the money is good… sort of. I get a low wage for what I do – $15/hour. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for a mechanical drafter for metalworks is $23.87. But $15/hour is better than zero.

The boys are officially enrolled in “summerball.” Thanks to a nice fat child support payment I was able to buy them some much needed clothing, outdoor pool membership, flip flops, dress sandals for church (which they’ve never had – only sneakers), and baseball for the summer. Thank God that payment came. Now, if only there would be another one coming – I’d be able to better afford the damn babysitter.

I make $600 a week, $450 after taxes. Take $150 out of that for the sitter, and I’m down to $200. $200/week amounts to $850/month. If I just eliminated the babysitter, I’d have an income of $1912/month. Ouch. And to think – I have a very cheap babysitter! She comes to my house at 8 am, and leaves between 5 and 6 depending on when my husband and I get home. That amounts to $3.75/hour. Convert that to an hourly wage instead of cash-only and she’s making $5.21/hour to watch premium cable, talk on the phone, listen to music, surf the web, and change diapers. Come summertime, she’ll be taking care of all 3 kids all day long, plus having the super priceless ability to bring her son over as well.

Speaking of the sitter, she’s my dad’s brother’s wife. She’s not really my aunt though. My dad has a ‘brother’ through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and he has been around longer than I have. I think he’s even been around longer than my mom. So, I consider him my uncle. His wife is essenitally my “aunt.” I’ll just refer to her as that. My uncle is raising her son (with her of course). Their son just turned 10, and his birthdya party is in an hour and a half at the park.

What do you get a 10 year old boy? Well, I have just your answer! Scatter Brains, of course! And 12 additional Scatter Brains darts to go with the gun! They are a super demented version of Nerfguns. The darts are little strange looking people with sticky brains. The brains stick to stuff, like walls, tv screens, and the paper target that’s included with each dart package. Hilarious. The gun retails for $15 at Target, but I scored mine on clearance for $4.98. Each 3-pack of darts retails for $5 at Target, but I scored those at $1.50/each. We also got him some card holders for a Scrabble Slam card game, $3.99 per holder and we got 2, plus $5.99 for the game. Along with all that, we also grabbed Story Cubes.

1 Scatterbrainz Gun + 4 dart packs = $34.99 $10.98
Scrabble Slam $5.99
Card Holders $7.98
Story Cubes $5.99
Birthday Wrapping Paper: #$2
Tissue Paper: $.95
Bag: $.95

Total: $34.84… which is WAY MORE than I usually spend on ANYONE, even my own kids. But this kid has never had a birthday party, and he’s finally getting one, so I wanted to help make it a bit special.

Back to my kids. Baseball. Oldest will have practice and games on Saturdays. Middle will have practices only-no games. He is only old enough for T-Ball, which is non-competitive at this point. Next summer both will be in Winners Baseball, which is league-based.

I’m considering signing Critter up for a gymnastics class. They are on Fridays at 5:45. I’d have to go straight from work, which may or may not be a hassle. I’m not sure yet. But I really, really want to sign her up for it. Screw it, I’ll do it. Sign-ups start Monday, so hopefully I remember to actually sign her up for it.

I want to sign up for a spinning class also. I think their “cycle” class is their spinning class.

I need to remember to leave for work early so that I can stop by Pint Size Bakery and grab 3 muffins/breakfast items and a gift card for my boss.

Speaking of bosses, my hours were already cut down to 35 a week. I have been getting 40 + 15-30 minutes overtime. I think it’s complete bull, because everyone else gets there before me and leaves after me. It may be time to start looking for a different job. We’ll see.

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