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New job, need clothes.

I went through ALL my clothes yesterday. It took over three hours. I tried EVERYTHING on. I pitched A LOT.

Turning 25 (last November) has given me a new look at life.

I threw away a zebra-print satin halter top.

I found that this is all I own that fits:

-1 pair of nice jeans
-2 pairs of jeans with ripped/mangled hems
-1 pair of tan dress pants
-1 teal butterfly crochet embellished tank top
-1 coral knit bolero
-1 cream knit cardigan
-1 black dress shirt
-1 hot pink blazer
-1 chunky royal purple knit cabled sweater

…and that is it. Everything else was either too small, too young, or maternity, and was therefore pitched (except a coupe favorite outfits that I only wore once when I lost weight, and I kept them since I now have a YMCA membership again).

This brings me to a point in my life that is truly life-changing.

I have a new job. It is in my field, which I love. I threw away all my clothes. I need new ones.

For the first time in my life, I’m looking for a way to incorporate my own style into my dress clothes. How convenient for me that everyone at the company wears blue jeans. However, I did go in for an interview on a Friday, so I will have to scope them out this coming week. Moreover, if Friday was “Casual Friday,” then everyone was way too comfortable in jeans and nice polos and t-shirts. Some people had on button-downs. I did not see one single person wearing khakis or a suit.

Not being one to want to wear jeans to work every day, I need to come up with some good outfits for work. I start Wednesday.

Hopefully my mom can bring me to a few resale shops today.

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