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When did money stop growing on trees?

As long as I can remember, everything’s been handed to me pretty much on a silver platter. When I was little I was a brat child and I don’t know how my parents feel about it, but looking back, I feel like I was spoiled rotten… and then some.

Every year for my birthday my dad would let me pick out a restaurant to go to with him – just the two of us. That spoiled me. I still kind of wish he did that, but I’m 25 now and have a family of my own. But I can’t help but wish I could just leave and go to dinner with my dad for my birthday, because someday he won’t be around.

I’m thinking about switching things up, and I want to start taking my dad out instead of him taking me out. I’m more than capable (usually. and I should be). So maybe we’ll start doing that. I haven’t really talked to my dad in a very long time, unless it’s about how shitty my car is, or how crazy drunk my husband got and why I’m sleeping on his couch.

Every year for my birthday I got to pick out new clothes which was a “birthday outfit.” I did this with my mom. It was fun, and now that I look back at it, not many kids get to just go buy a new outfit just because it’s their birthday–most would receive that as a present. I took it as something that came with my birthday, I never view it as a present (until now).

When I turned 16, I got to skip school and go get my license. I even got a car. I got to drive myself to school and be late for third period (or was it fifth?) Now, it wasn’t a new car, but I didn’t care (though I probably acted like I did), because it was mine.

Do you see the pattern yet? Me me me me me mine me mine me.

I see this in my daughter. I say she’s not, but she’s spitting image of me, and then some. She’s brash, she’s beautiful, she’s a brat child, she’s sweeter than pie. I see it all… and it makes me wonder if I was like this too from the very beginning. If my daughter had been my first child, I would never, ever, ever have had any more children. Critter is kind of lucky to be my third, because without Oldest and Middle, I’m not sure what she has in store for us… but I’m glad we can all stick it out together (or at least until the boys go off to school).

This week I spent way too much money, and for the first time EVER, I realize it. I feel bad about it. I spent $145 on a car seat (but she did outgrow her infant seat, and it was on sale and it wasn’t a total of over $300 like most of the ones I wanted to get). I donated a dollar on the carseat purchase to Autism Speaks.

I spent $35 at Nu-Way on a pair of pants for Husband. I spent $60 at Wal-mart on toys and stuff for the trivia basket at Middle’s school. I spent $11.33 on makeup at CVS that I didn’t really need. I spent $6 on a new website. I spent $11 at MicroCenter on a power cord and sudoku rubiks cube. I spent $30 on a haircut. I spent $2 on a pattern off Ravelry. I spent $12 at Michael’s on presents for a little girl of a friend of mine. I spent $50 at Target on shoes, clothes, swim diapers, etc. I spent another $60 at Walmart on household necessities and mouse traps.

All of this in a matter of two days.

That’s it – I’m DONE.

Good thing I interviewed today for a job I actually want. I need to start bringing in some money.

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