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Translated Pattern – Knitting to Crochet

Original Knitting Pattern: http://www.eweewe.com/blog/2012/11/6/serenity-baby-blanket-free-knitting-pattern.html

I crochet much faster than I knit, and I liked the way this pattern was laid out, so I translated it.

Blanket crocheting pattern:

Chain 3 sts.

Row 1: Single Crochet [SC] (WS) – 3 sts.

Row 2: 2SC, SC, 2SC. 5 sts.

Row 3: SC. 5 sts.

Row 4: 2SC, SC, SC. 7 sts.

Row 5: SC. 7 sts.

Row 6: 2SC, SC to last stitch, 2SC. 9 sts.

Row 7: SC. 9 sts.

Repeat Rows 6 and 7 until side edge measures 24″ across.


Begin decreasing as follows:

Next Row: SC2TOG, SC to last 2 stitches, SC2TOG.

Next Row: Knit.

Repeat last 2 rows until 3 sts remain.

Weave in all yarn ends and love!

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