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Ideas, ideas, ideas!

I’ve recently started up another blog, which will be focused solely on my professional history and work portfolio. When I start to fill it, I’ll share it here. It’s not ready to go yet. I’m also trying to talk my husband into allowing me to purchase a .com. If I get a job soon, I’ll just go ahead and buy the .com myself.

I’m on my second cup of cappuccino today. I love this caffeine burst in the morning. I had the energy and desire to actually get up and move. I’m very glad I bought this giant 75-serving French Vanilla Cappuccino mix at Sam’s Club. I’m starting to get a little groggy, but I think that’s because I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night, got up very early this morning, and just walked through ice/snow with the stroller to take Oldest to school, which proved to be a difficult task.

Youngest is sleeping, so I’m taking this time to be even more creative. I thought up a great idea while coming inside today, so I’m going to Revit it up for a while while she naps.

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