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The Minimalist Wardrobe

Fairly recently, I discovered how much clothing in this house is actually… gulp… mine. Hilarious, really, since I ONLY have a couple shirts and one pair of jeans. I just went through everything in the basement and ended up with three items to keep, and an entire contractor bag (see here) filled to the top of clothes to DONATE (and see here as well).

Now comes the tough part. I have this box in my bedroom, and it’s seriously just as large as this photo shows the item. The problem? It’s PACKED with my clothes. And by packed I don’t mean I dumped a basket of clothes in there. I mean I dumped in two baskets, pushed them all down as tight as they could go, then dumped two more baskets of clothes in them. …sigh… I still need to go through these.

What’s more is that I also have a dresser filled with clothes in Critter’s room. Pathetic. And I also have a dresser in my bedroom, but only the bottom drawer has clothes in it. Thank God.

I have to go through all these clothes and get rid of the ones that are too big, then minimalist-out the ones I don’t need. I’ve decided I only need the following:

  1. Seven casual outfits.
  2. Two date-night (hahahahahaha) outfits. Let’s just get to what these really are – girls night out outfits, aka my once-maybe-twice-a-year outfits.
  3. The black dress outfit (a la funerals, basically).
  4. Two “I’m leaving the house and have to look nicer than a worn-out Momma” outfits
  5. Two interview/nice outfits.
  6. One “crap” outfit (a la cleaning the house, not getting dressed that day, etc.).
  7. A pair of shoes for each outfit (shoes can go to more than one outfit).

I’m trying to go through my clothes soon, because I want to start losing weight and I want to be able to have these outfits hung up in my closet so I can help track my progress. All my “skinny” clothes are a size 8, but thankfully I have some size 10s in there as well. I was only back down to being ‘skinny’ for about 4 months before I got pregnant and blew up in size again, so almost all of these clothes are a) brand new and b) I’ve already forgotten what I have. So it’ll be like shopping again… for free!

Why do I want a minimalist wardrobe? Becuase I can never, ever, ever decide what to wear. Also, I love having outfits already put together. I don’t have to think about them. I used to do this in high school. How do I do it?

  1. I take suit hangers, put my pants on them first, put my blouse on them after that, add a jacket/blazer if I’m going to have one with that jacket.
  2. After that, I have a shower curtain ring attached to the bar for the pants that I have a scarf on, if I have a scarf with that outfit, along with a belt hooked onto the shower curtain ring as well. I like these curtain rings because they’re from GRAINGER, which to me means QUALITY. Also, they’re super cheap in price, and they hook together instead of snap, which (in my experience) makes them last a whole lot longer. I don’t use the fancy hangers because they rarely have hooks that makes them a closed object, and the fancy shit gets in the way. I don’t use plastic ones from the dollar store because they are hideous and break (but yes, that is what I have in my bathrooms).
  3. I have a necklace on a plastic ring (plastic because I don’t like precious jewelry like gold and pearls rubbing against harsh metals constantly) on the hanger’s hook that has a bracelet and necklace attached to it. There’s also a ribbon tied to the plastic ring that has a pair of earrings on it.
  4. Finished.

I’m going to do the same thing for Allison as she gets older. We’re going to have ‘outfits,’ not ‘clothes.’ This will make our lives so much easier.

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