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It’s that time of the year…

Husband is achy and sick.
I’m achy and sock.
Baby Girl is a sick mess.
Oldest and Middle are coughing.

Baby Girl refuses to do anything except sleep on me. But I have dishes and vacuuming to do..! I let her do this yesterday, and nothing got done. I may just have to deal with the crying, whining, and screaming while I do the dishes.

Poor thing only took 2 bottles yesterday and are a few bites at dinner. No wet or dirty diapers since 7:30 p.m. yesterday and it’s already 10:30 a.m.

2 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year…

    • She’s been so miserable. Finally had a wet diaper last night, and working on getting one today. I broke down and gave her some of bug’s cough medicine (prescription), he takes 1 1/2 tsp and so I looked up the dosage recommendations and figured it out for her and gave her .7 ml (yeah point-seven) lol and it worked! She was making faces, singing being herself again within 30 minutes at dinner. It was GREAT. She even SLEPT all night!

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