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The View From My Bathtub


My daughter is crazy. She has discovered the art of swimming in the bathtub. Not cool. She’s a dangerous little critter, that’s for sure. She has grown so much, yet when the boys weighed 17 pounds they were 3 months old, not 8. It’s very different. Someone asked me the other day why there is so much wrong with her. I didn’t understand. They brought up her hemangioma and laryngomalacia. “Wrong” with her? Nothing. She has a blood condition that should go away when she’s about 10-12 years old. She has laryngomalacia, not a disease. She’s healthy. Then I also get the quacks who ask why I didn’t breastfeed her. That is always followed by an attempted lecture about why I’m a terrible mother for not breastfeeding. I wish these people were capable of feelings, especially when I explain to them that she cannot properly digest the sugars found in breast milk and cow’s milk. It makes her ill to drink either. Some people really have nerve. Pardon me while I take offense to the question.

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