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I’ve been cleaning all day, yet nothing is clean!

I’ve been cleaning since 10 a.m. Nothing is clean. I have done two loads of dishes, and I have another load soaking (I just finished making supper). I have spent the entire day in my kitchen – and I’m going crazy!

I took the door off the oven so I could clean it. Man was it filthy! I didn’t realize how filthy it was until I started wiping away the Easy-Off… yikes. When I do things like clean the oven, it makes me paranoid about how many bacterial germs have been sitting in there, cooking along with my meals. Gross. Tonight I will steam the oven out with ammonia and water, let it sit overnight, and tackle that mess in the morning. I should have done this Sunday/Monday when it was 75° in December… of course I didn’t do it until now (okay, it’s 65°, but it feels chilly to me).

I’m making chicken burritos tonight. No clue what I’m serving with it though. I was going to do chips and dip, but I’m out of chips. I never know what to make with burritos or tacos. I’ve got starch in the tortilla, vegetables, dairy, legumes, and meat. Today I have delicious tortillas from Sam’s Club (they have the BEST flour tortillas! [My hsuband hates the corn tortillas.]), sweet peppers (red, orange, and yellow), black olives, corn, black beans, green onion, lime, chopped lettuce, shredded monterey jack cheese (the mexican blend is a joke, it’s just got added spices), and sour cream. It’s a meal in itself, really. Maybe I’ll make a little bit of rice..? I made roast beef yesterday and served it with potatoes, carrots, and rice (yes, very starchy, I know).



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