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Boy Scouts

There’s a Pack meeting tonight.

My Mom went to the Scout Shop and bought Oldest’s uniform (I told her to skip the pants for now). $50 later my son now has a shirt, belt, required patches. I still need to figure out how I’m coming up with $47 for the pack fees that are due tonight.

I have to go to the Pack meetings from now on… I voluntarily volunteered (yes, that’s what I said) to do the Newsletter from here on out. (Am I mad!?) Oh well, makes us look good and nobody can say we don’t contribute to the Pack.

It’s kind of embarassing, because the Pack Master is the architect who works across the street from our house and owns two houses next to us. He’s witnessed a lot of drama between my husband and I – including the time I called the cops (he actually helped me get some of my stuff into the van when I left). So, it’s awkward – to say the least.

These patches are insane to sew on. It’s really, really hard!

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