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Feeding the Family

My monthly “Feed the Family” budget is right around $500. I usually budget for $480, just in case we need an extra quarter-tank of gas that month, or Al goes through “too many” diapers, etc.

Thank God for WIC right now. They help me out with $144/month in formula and $20/month in baby food and cereal. That $164/month helps out a lot, especially right now, since Husband isn’t getting paid and has leins against seven to ten properties right now. As I type, he’s out pawning his drill becuase his sawzall broke and he can’t find the damn receipt. He can’t use his debit card to pull up the receipt at Home Depot, because we bought it when we had a different bank account, which was closed because our checkbook was stolen by some white trash couple he gave a ride and our last $20 to.

(Gotta love our luck)

I checked the balance in the bank account today. $167.84… and the electric bill is $97.66; the gas bill is $103.74, Boy Scout dues are $60, Boy Scout uniform is $40, diapers are $20, the van needs gas, and it’s going to cost $675 to get his truck out of the shop.

(Kill me now.)

This means I have to use the little cash on hand I have to feed the rest of the family for another 2 1/2 weeks. Looks like the kids are going to be eating a lot of Ramen this month – we have $125 cash on hand.

I hate being broke like this. I have no money to pay the Charter bill, which is $240 because I only paid a partial payment the past two months. There goes my cable tv and internet. 😦

If my ex would pay child support, I’d be able to pay the BSA dues and purchase the uniform with no problem at all.

Sometimes I wish he was just a dickhead, not a psychotic dickhead. It would help me out, in times like this. I would feel a bit better about sending an attorney his way and giving him this option:

#1) Pay child support beginning immediately, or I will begin to collect state-assisted child support on your ass and you will start racking up $500/month owed to me plus $292/month owed to the state.

#2) Pay child support beginning immediately, or release all your parental rights that are left (which are none, except the right to fight my parents for custody of my children should I die before their biological father, before they turn 14 – highly unlikely, as Oldest is already nearly halfway to 14).

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

One thought on “Feeding the Family

  1. I’m legit considering going famish. I am so sick of bills. All my money goes justto surviving its outrageous! I spent 5 bucks on a very small thing of grapes. 5 bucks!! That’s ridiculous.

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