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Ugh. Part 2: Why I’m Finished With Him

Everything in black is what happened. Everything in red is what I was thinking.


Him: The one I was completely in love with, until this happened.

Manda: Some weird girl that is constantly “liking” every single thing that he does.

Kat: An ex-girlfriend of his.

Me: Obviously, me.

WHERE: Facebook

WHEN: Thanksgiving Evening

WHY: Because he is RUDE


Thursday via mobile
Oooooo… Pain… The 4th plate was possibly a terrible decision
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  • Manda 4Th plate r u nuts I barley ate the little bit I had on my plate Highly doubt that, as you are a nasty-looking fatass with an ugly kid who just comments and likes every single thing that he does. All you do is sit on Facebook all day waiting for him to post something so you can “Like” it first and comment first, I see what you are up to, and you are fucking ugly.
    Thursday at 6:25pm via mobile · Like
  • Me Fatty! This comment is somewhat directed to the girl above, as she’s hideous and fat and just plain nasty looking. She looks like a cow, seriously.
    Thursday at 6:56pm via mobile · Like
  • Him This was over a period about 1.5hrs though?? If that makes me less fat? It’s the first time I’ve had a home cooked meal in like over a month That’s becuase you are a worthless son of a bitch who is rude and can’t get a girlfriend to save your life, obviously.
    Thursday at 9:19pm via mobile · Unlike · 1
  • Me Still a fatty I don’t care if it took you three hours or fifteen minutes, four plates of food is still a bit ridiculous! Especially for someone whose doctor tells them that if they don’t start exercising regularly they’ll be experiencing a heart attack before the age of 40.
    Thursday at 9:20pm via mobile · Like
  • Manda Awe Really bitch? Awe? What the fuck is there to “Awe” at? Oh, I know, you think it’s cute that he is going to be a fatty like you!
    Thursday at 9:20pm via mobile · Like
  • Kat Agreed! Hahahahaha finally someone agrees about his terrible decisions!
    Thursday at 9:20pm via mobile · Like
  • Him @ Kristin I’m still in way better shape than you lol!! What in the fuck did you just say? Excuse the fuck out of me? WHAT?! Doubtful, you’re getting a bit pudgy, and my doctor doesn’t have any concerns about me keeling over in the next couple of eyars from a heart attack because all I do is eat fast food and sit on my fat ass.
    Thursday at 9:22pm via mobile · Like
  • Him@ Kat I guarantee even with my plates and screws in my knee I can still out run you Yeah, right. She’s pretty, skinny, and looks like she has a kid or two… doubtful you could keep up with any mother, let alone her.
    Thursday at 9:23pm via mobile · Like
  • Him How was yalls holiday by the way? Everyone tired of family haha!! No, only you. Fucking weirdo.
    Thursday at 9:24pm via mobile · Like
  • Kat I agreed to the fact of it being a bad decision not the fact that you are fat. Whatever, you don’t have to defend yourself to him. Unless you’re sleeping with him. In which case, pacify the fuck out of him or else he’ll be incredibly rude to you as well.
    Thursday at 9:50pm via mobile · Like
  • Him Oooo ok
    Thursday at 9:53pm via mobile · Like
  • Kat However they are both still facts 🙂:) jk You go girl! Hahah tell him!
    Thursday at 9:57pm via mobile · Like
  • Me Lol you’re the one who says I need a car… I don’t see you walking 2 1/2 miles to the supermarket! I don’t see you walking anywhere, actually! You eat out because you’re too lazy to clean up your own dishes.
    Thursday at 9:59pm via mobile · Like
  • Him That’s because I don’t have 3 hrs to devote to walking to the store. I’m lucky to find 30 mins so I don’t have to ask my sisters to get what I need Hahaha, whatever.You have plenty of time, Mr. Loan Specialist. That’s right, your dumbass forwarded an e-mail to me that you’d forwarded to yourself. So all this “I’m so tired of looking at prints” and “I’m at the jobsite right now” shit isn’t going to fly with me, Mr. Pants On Fire.
  • Thursday at 11:09pm via mobile · Like
  • Me Fair enough. I wish I didn’t have the time! What you don’t know is I’m playing into the fact you still don’t realize that I know you’re lieing to be about where you work, which is fairly strange. Do you think I’m crazy enough to stalk you? You think that highly of yourself? Or are you just THAT STUPID?
    Thursday at 11:17pm via mobile · Like

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