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What the fuck?

So, he who shall not be named has been displaying public displays of… hmm… not affection, really. Friendship, I guess is what I’d call it. Why on earth is this man doing? Playing me. That’s what the hell he’s doing. I love it and I hate it all at the same time. He’s a monster! But I love him. Why didn’t I sleep well, he asked, in reference to my post. Did he expect me to publically announce to the world that I sleep better when I sleep with him? Fuck no, but is that what he wanted to remind me of? Most likely. However, that wasn’t the reason I hadn’t slept. I truly hadn’t slept because I have three kids and a house to clean. I’m so busy these days I tend to forget which kid had a bath last, who wants what for lunch, when the last time I changed the water filters on the faucet was, and whose turn it is to clean out the litter box.


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