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Sometimes I hate my life

Sometimes, I just hate my life.

I need to buy a few more things for dinner tonight and tomorrow… and yet I have no car. I live in a fairly good, yet just as fairly bad neighborhood. It depends on who wants to be outside that day, or who pissed who off. I have only ventured over 100 feet from my house without a car one time, and that was because I ran out of diapers. I walked a half mile to the Family Dollar, which was a fairly creepy walk.

Today I’m trying to decide where I will go. I’m considering walking to Walgreens, as there is a Family Dollar there as well. There’s also the butcher, and a strip mall containing a few shops, probably ones I’m not interested in, but shops nonetheless. However, I need to get to the grocery store… but it’s really far away to walk with three kids.

I ran into this recipe for Spinach Dip this morning, and I want to make it for supper tomorrow. I’m also in search of a bundt cake to make to bring to my mother’s house. I wonder if I can make a pumpernickle bread in the bunt loaf pan? That would be really good with a spinach dip, and a bit different. Hmm… I may have to try that today!

There is a lot of cooking that I need to get done today. I need to:

  • Finish thawing the turkey and brine it.
  • Make the herbed butter for the turkey, and extra for the savory sweet rolls I want to make.
  • Make the sourdough loaf
  • Bake the apple pie
  • Bake the sweet potato chips
  • Make the cranberry relish
  • Make the 7-cup salad

All of this I need to do and I have yet to venture out of my bedroom… and it’s now 9:30. I have a huge mess in the kitchen, the living room is a cluttered mess of yarn and needles, and the dining room is horrid as well. It gets so dirty so fast, I don’t understand how. I need to go check the weather.com forecast… it’s only 44° now, but they say by 11 p.m. we should have 55° weather climbing up to 64°. Perfect, that’s what I need. Now, to see how long of a walk this will be with three kids (a la Google Maps)…

My house to grocery store: 45 minutes.

Grocery Store to park: 15 minutes.

Park to home: 1 hour.

Two hours of walking. I think we will do this. It’ll take three hours, and we won’t be home until this afternoon. Time to speed-clean the hell out of the house, and get on our way.

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