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Oh Jeez

One baby? Great!
Two babies? Wonderful!
Three babies? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Baby 1 was born with chronic asthma. Once or twice a year we spend a week to ten days in the children’s hospital on oxygen, steroids, and breathing treatments.

Baby 2 has learning disabilities. We are unsure if he has Asperger’s, which was his original medical diagnosis. He seems to be “outgrowing” the Asperger’s. We are now thinking he has a different Autism Spectrum Disorder, though our pediatrician is hesitant to re-evaluate at this point in time.

Baby 3 has laryngomalacia (la-ring-o-mal-asia). Originally just thought she was a noisy baby with colic. Switched to soy and the colic ceased immediately. Ended up in the hospital due to breathing problems when she was about 4 months old. Pediatrician at children’s hospital suspected laryngomalacia or tracheomalacia, which was confirmed as laryngomalacia by ENT doctor via scope. Baby 3 has had a terrible nocturnal cough for nearly 3 months straight, and I don’t see any signs of asthma (dealt with that a lot in past with Baby 1). However, I’m suspecting sleep apnea, as elevation techniques do not work. I’m going to call the pediatrician tomorrow and request a sleep study and a pH monitor to confirm my suspicions of apnea and laryngo-related reflux, aka “silent reflux” (not to be confused with GERD).

Wish me luck!

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